How to Make An Upcycled Horse Tire Swing

Many of you have seen these on Pinterest or at an expo but for those of you brave enough to try and create it yourself here is link to buy the PDF instructions for only 99 cents!  Click here


Please let me know how it goes!  I would love to see pictures!

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Presenting at Equine Affaire!

Just have to tell you how excited I am to be presenting three seminars at this year’s Massachusetts Equine Affaire from November 13-16th!


It makes it even more thrilling that two of the topics are about environmentally conscious horse keeping!  Maybe the interest is spreading?  Hopefully many more people will become aware of how easy it is to be “green”.

If you are attending this year PLEASE stop by and say “Hello”.   CLICK HERE for the schedule.

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Ten Ways to Protect Water Sources on Your Horse Farm From Pollution

HHHP_Ten Ways to Protect Water
Understanding how your horse and horse farm can impact nearby water sources is important. When it rains the water will either soak through the soil into the groundwater or travel until it reaches a body of surface water.

Either way as the water travels  it can pick up pollutants and become contaminated, then, when it reaches the pond, stream or river nearby, it adds those pollutants. This can cause health and environmental issues.

Here are ten fairly easy tips to help you do your part in reducing the risk of pollutants from your farm reaching the water.

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The Effects of Climate Change on Horse Health

I wrote about climate change with a focus on how it will affect us as horse owners.  This is a terrific article written from a HORSE HEALTH perspective. Click on photo to go to article


My Mom, Nature and Me

Today is my mother’s 87th birthday. She is in amazing shape; body and soul. She attributes much of this to her connection to the outdoors.

1966745_10100242802319131_1878260963071194755_nAs far back as I can remember my mother spent time outside every day. Of course I don’t remember this as a toddler although there are photographs of us, but I have vivid memories as a young girl. I remember we took long walks into the woods and creek behind our house. We spent summers in the woods of the Berkshires and on the shores of Cape Cod.

mom sal gail in woodsOn our adventures she would point out the moss or a wildflower and tell me about it. She taught me about color through the examples we found; yellow flowers, green pine needles, lavender weeds and grey stones. She taught me to count using sticks and pebbles.

ButterfylShe also taught me many life lessons in those interactions with the natural world.

I remember her stopping on the path with her hand in the air.  It’s when I learned to be quiet, to listen for a bird’s song.


Learning to be quiet is a challenge for any young child, but for a loud, hyper one it was really hard. Somehow I did it and I truly believe that I am a better person for it. Today I know how to quiet my soul when my life is too busy and I am feeling stressed out.

In nature I learned to have patience as we planted seeds and waited, and waited, and waited for those flowers and vegetables to pop their heads through the soil. I still get impatient, but when I do, this lesson from nature reminds me that a big part of reaching a goal is enjoying the journey itself.

Tree log walkwayOur walks in the woods sometimes involved play acting characters or dressing up with ferns as our hats. I think this helped develop my creative side and gave me confidence.  Although it doesn’t look like it in this picture, these nature lessons prepared me for new schools, new towns and new friends.

Fern headsThey gave me courage to be silly and the ability to laugh at myself. As an adult I recognize that the confidence it takes to stand up in front of 300 people and give a speech has its roots in these moments in the woods with my mom.

The lessons from nature with my mom might have turned into “reminders” as I matured, but even today they have a tremendous influence on my life.

I used to share a driveway with my parents so I would often see them throughout my day. My mother sits on her porch a lot. One day I caught a glimpse through my window of her sitting there for hours. When I had a break I walked over and sat next to her and asked her what she had been doing here for so long?  She replied, “Watching a robin make it’s nest in that tree”. Sure enough there was a perfect little (finished) nest in the small tree next to her porch. I was struck at how simple this seemed, yet how profound. It occurred to me I was racing around trying to find joy when it is as easy as being quiet and having patience while you watch a bird build a nest.


I tried to raise my own children in this same manner with lots of time outside and an appreciation for our planet. There were more distractions than when my mom was raising me but we made it a priority. Now, I try to have every visit with my grand-kids involve nature. To spread the wonder and teach the lessons.

IMG_4571I feel blessed to be able to do this and I am aware of the value in these simple, wonderful lessons. I feel a need to help protect the planet, it’s natural spaces and these teaching opportunities. It’s what keeps me going with my company Happy Horse Healthy Planet.

Thanks for teaching me to love nature Mom. Oh, and Happy Birthday!


My Take on GMOs and Horses

HHHP_GMOs_CoverI get asked quite often what my opinion is pertaining to certain things. Not sure if that’s because they think I’m well-educated or that they know I am opinionated. I am pretty sure it’s the later. Lately it’s been the question of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This has prompted me to do some extra research and to decide how I feel about GMOs.

There seems to be two trains of thought; you are either pro-GMO or totally against them. Hardly much wiggle room in there that I can find. Normally I am not so quick to choose a side, especially if it means discrediting the other side’s very valid points. Below is what I can find for the “pros” and “cons” of GMOs. After you have read through them you will find my take on them and how they affect horses. But first things first….. Continue reading