Virginia Horse Festival

Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you know that I will be a presenter and have a Horse Hippie pop-up shop at the Virginia Horse Festival March 27-29th.

VA Horse Festival


I will be presenting on nutrition (as The Equine Nutrition Nerd) and will give my How A Trip To Home Depot Can Help You Understand Equine Digestion demo.  Here is a video clip of the demo but I give it using volunteers and the real items from the store!  Such fun!

Our Horse Hippie pop-up shop booth will have TONS of cool stuff for your shopping pleasure to help you live a Horsey, Healthy and Happy life :-)  From headbands, to scarves, to tops and bags!  We even have hand crafted horsey jewelry and super comfy hippie harem pants!

Horse Hippie headbandsHorse Hippie scarvesHorse Hippie TankHorseHippie2014 Live2RideHorse Hippie Harem Pants 2015So come out to say “Hay!” and visit our Shop….you’ll be glad you did. If you can’t come but want to see more about Horse Hippie, click on over to our website.

Hope to see you there,


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Solar Powering Your Horse Farm

solar power on horse farm

I started my green energy switch by accident years ago with a solar fence charger. At the time, being eco-friendly wasn’t my goal, I wanted to divide a pasture for rotation and I just didn’t have a power source to that field. I was shocked that the fence charger was 3 times the price of a plug-in charger but I quickly found out the benefits far out-weighed the costs. That’s kind of how solar is. Continue reading

Alternative Remedies For “Scratches” in Horses

Went to ride a client’s horse the other day and noticed his rear pasterns were puffy.  On closer look I discovered he had scabs on his pasterns; raw, oozing, scabs that really hurt.  He was super sensitive to the touch and very defensive when I started to clean the area away.  Ugh, the dreaded muddy paddock scratches!!

Horse “scratches” is a bacterial horse skin infection that most commonly affects the area at the back of the pastern and heel.

6a00d834529d8769e2017ee7758541970d-320wiBut it can be found pretty much anywhere a horse’s lower foot contacts the wet conditions.

HHHP-Scratches Continue reading