Great Reuses For Horse Shoes

Horse Shoes

I can’t remember the last time I paid >$100 for a pair of shoes for myself but I do it every 6weeks for my horse!


I  used to let my farrier take my old shoes but now after seeing these creative ideas I plan on re-using them.  Every little bit of re-use and recycling helps reduce the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill.  Sooooo let’s get crafting!

You can reuse them AROUND YOUR HOUSE

This is a creative way to hang your TP


Or how about nailing a few to a board for your jewelry?


How simple yet cool is this decorative idea?


You might need the help of your blacksmith for this one…      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


You can reuse them AROUND THE FARM

This hose just screams HORSE FARM


         What a great way to hang your ribbons in the tackroom6999a62f8c13b1defc2fca51e46eddf2

This is an easy craft for horse camp!


I would use this for coats, bridles….in my bathroom for towels…


You can reuse them FOR CRAFTS

Can you imagine how much a horse lover would love this?


Horse shoes add whimsy to anything!


I really want this for my garden!


Beautiful and easy to make



You can reuse them FOR YOUR WEDDING OR PARTY

This so classy and perfect for the horse lover’s wedding


I made these as a wedding gift


    How terrific for a center piece?   7fba856b191cda83ec5bfd1004c1eedf

Start saving those shoes now!


There are too many to post here, to see tons more visit my Pinterest page.

Peace and Horses,


The Horse Hippie

The Horse Hippie

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