What You Can Do With Horse Show Ribbons

Happy Horse Healthy Planet.com.Ribbons

Now that show season is winding down for most of us it’s time to make room for this year’s hard earned prizes. Some people do so when they run out of room on their wall.

I’m all about ReUse and UpCycling to reduce our impact, and in my opinion ever little bit helps. With that in mind I researched and found a bunch of cool ideas. Here are a few alternative ideas for those favorite ribbons you might want to keep.

You can start with something easy like a Wreath




Or a Picture Frame



Decorating with them can be fun and interesting




Crafty ideas include Stuffed Animals and Ornaments


HappyHorseHealthyPlanet_RibbonTeddy bear

Personal items include Belts and Pocket Books



If you are really ambitious how about a Wall Hanging



or Trunk Cover?


Here is a link for ribbon project patterns:


If you aren’t that crafty and are looking for someone to do the work with your ribbons, here are a few links:

If you are ready to get rid of some of your ribbons all together, here is a link to an organization that accepts donations of horse show ribbons:

I hope you found some inspiration or information from this post. If you would like to get a extended PDF copy of this article including all the links for only 99 cents click here


Peace and good rides, til we meet gain.,..


The Horse Hippie

The Horse Hippie

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