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Howdy Horse Hippies!

As Earth lovers I am sure you want to use natural eco-friendly products on yourself, and your four-legged friends, that are also effective. Well, I am thrilled to say that this line of equine and leather care products delivers!

I am constantly getting samples in the mail from manufacturers with the hope that I will test them, like them, then add them to my shop. I am super picky so that happens less often than not.


When I received this box of samples I immediately knew two things; they smelled amazing and  they were organic.  Score!  Now….will they work? I took them to the barn and used the Everyday Leather Cleaner that day after my ride.  It went on great, and offered terrific cleaning and conditioning. Did I mention the smell? While I was cleaning my tack, 5 people came into the tack room to find out what smelled so good.


Photo Jun 04, 5 03 22 PM

The next time I rode I tried the BotanEq Natural Healing Balm because Noah usually plays hard in the field and has a ton of boo boos. It did not disappoint either.

I love the natural butters which help to protect the skin and promote healing. They use a special blend of essential oils, including tea tree, patchouli, and red thyme, which all aid in fighting infection and bacteria, help skin cell regeneration, and result in fast hair regrowth.

File Oct 11, 11 12 10 AM

There is a rescue horse in the barn that came in with some skin fungus due to his compromised immune system. I offered his owner the Fungal Wash and Fungal Spray samples.


Again, they were super easy to use and a pleasure to smell.  She used them for two weeks and saw results.  It has an organic soap base, and the addition of aloe and green tea make it a soothing and healing treatment. Chickweed, burdock root, and white willow bark extracts all aid in healing inflammation and rashes, and stimulate hair regrowth.


All of BotanEq products are affordable and USEF approved.  They even offer a groovy, handmade (my kind of product!) felt grooming mitt!


It is with great pleasure that this line gets the Horse Hippie seal of approval.  Check out the webshop for more info.


Peace and good rides,


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