Healing Through Horses

For a long time I have been wanting to find interesting people and interview them about their passion, project or particular skill.  My first interview is with Anastasia Hirst, an Equine Facilitated Wellness therapist that is shooting a documentary film with her fiance’ about the healing power of horses.

LAURA: What is EQUUS Healing Through Horses all about?

ANASTASIA: This is the first ever documentary series about the innovators across North America and Australia who are bringing horses and humans together to heal, learn and grow. This series will highlight qualities of relationship long experienced between humans and horses- and how those experiences can enrich all our other relationships, human and non-human.

EFW Therapist  Anastasia Hirst

LAURA: Why do you feel this documentary is so important?

ANASTASIA: There is a need for the work to be known in order to inspire more research and funding and increase accessibility for individuals who would benefit from connecting with the horse.

LAURA:  What are your credentials as “experts” in this topic and in film making?

ANASTASIA: I have spent the last 7 years in the Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) field and my fiancé, John Fulton, is an experienced filmmaker and photographer.

We knew when we met that we had an important project to do together. With the combination of my EFW experience and his media talents, creating a documentary series about the ways people and horses come together to heal was the perfect project.

Anastasia and John

LAURA:  What are your motivations for this project?

ANASTASIA: I am motivated by a passion to create opportunities for people to become their best selves, heal old wounds and experience peace in the presence of the horse. There is a need for the work to be known in order to inspire more research and funding and increase accessibility for individuals who would benefit from connecting with the horse.

LAURA: What are your goals for this project?

ANASTASIA: We want to validate the benefits and possibilities of working with horses with a wide population of people. There are many people around the world working in a variety of ways with horses that are having profoundly positive impacts. There are many people working in isolation because of the nature of the work being time consuming and typically take place in a rural setting. We see this project as way to connect and create more transparency and community within the EFW field.

Image: Healing Through Horses

LAURA: How will the project be conducted?

ANASTASIA:  We will be driving from our little island on the west coast of Canada through Alberta and Ontario into the USA to Virginia, North Carolina, California, Arizona and Washington.

We will interview the innovative leaders and showcase the research that is validating the effectiveness of this work. Through our interviews with experts using horses in the fields of PTSD, addiction, children, youth and senior therapy, as well as energy healing, we will highlight new developments in the field and discuss ethical considerations.

LAURA: What are the costs and how are you funding the project?

ANASTASIA:  We are seeking $15,000 to help us launch the first stage of this project. We are keeping costs low by traveling in our van- which saves money on accommodations and air fare.

We have been offered free accommodation at many of the interview sites we are travelling to which will also saves on costs.

We are doing all our own production including filming, editing, music composing and media campaign. The funds will be used to purchase equipment, travel costs, and time for editing.

LAURA: How can people donate or support the project?

ANASTASIA:  We have created an Indiegogo campaign for financial donations but if someone is unable to contribute through a donation, they can help us to spread the word on this important project through social media by sharing our campaign page.


We all know the benefits to our physical and mental health when we spend time with horses.  There are many people that can be helped through Equine Facilitated Wellness therapy but insurance won’t cover it, and there is always a struggle to find the resources to support the facilities that offer it.

Maybe with this film we can help spread the word about this therapy model and help more people heal through horses.  Please help them reach their goals and share the link below with your friends via email and Facebook.  The world needs to know about how horses can heal!!


Image: Michelle Pendergrass



Thank you!

Peace and good rides,


The Horse Hippie

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