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I often include products in my articles that I have tried and believe in.  I also offset the cost of giving free seminars to horse clubs through the products on my Horse Hippie shop.  If you are interested in seeing what I have in my online shop Click Here

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2 thoughts on “Online Shop

  1. I have a horse that is very cranky when on the cross ties. He pins his ears back, has moved his hind end in the direction of someone walking by. Just not happy. He does get crabby other times of our ride but not like being on the cross ties. When I start to tack him up he yawns, plays with his mouth. Henry is/should be one of the the most unstressed horses in the barn. in reading about essential oils I was wondering what combo would be best for crabby. Also during the summer he gets the “summer itch” and the flies love him do you have any recommendations for skin itch and fly spray. Can I purchase thru you these combinations? Thank you!!!

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