Around the Farm Uses of Hay Strings

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Hay Strings

In a pinch baling twine can be used to:

  • make a makeshift halter
  • make a makeshift leadrope
  • temporarily fix fence boards and gates
  • replace broken blanket straps
  • make a makeshift martingale
  • make a grab strap for beginner lesson takers
  • make anti grazing reins
  • temporarily tie a gate closed when the latch breaks
  • temporarily fix broken halters, bridles and reins
  • as a temporary replacement for broken boot laces
  • create an emergency fly fringe
  • cinch your jeans up

Around the barn and pasture, baling twine can be used to:

  • tie the feed buckets to the stall walls
  • tie fans up in the stall rafters
  • tie a jollyball to the rafters
  • tie up stall guards
  • use as breakaway ties on hitching posts
  • create a pull for the loft stairs
  • make pulls for light switches
  • make a haynet
  • make handles for the ends of electric fencing
  • cordon off sections of muddy pasture in spring
  • tie down the office pen
  • tie a big orange loop on the scissors and hoofpick so they don’t get lost in the bedding
  • tether things down in the pickup
  • tie down tarpaulins

Make a hay net


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